Having Fun with Women’s Kentucky Derby Hats This Year

One of the oldest and most fun traditions at the derby is the women’s Kentucky derby hats that are always on display. Nearly every woman that walks through those gates will have on a hat that they are displaying for the entire world. This is an important tradition that is just as fun as it sounds.

Women all love to shop and come up with something new to wear. This is especially true when it is an occasion to get dressed up a bit and show off something like one of the women’s Kentucky derby hats. You have many choices and you should consider your options before choosing your hat this year.

Going with one of the Themed Women’s Kentucky Derby Hats

Something that has become popular over the years is for women to step out of the ordinary and design their own hat or have one designed for them. This is a great way to make sure you are the only one that is at the derby with your specific hat. This also adds quite a bit of fun and color to the tradition of women’s Kentucky derby hats.

One of the more fun ideas that you could go with is choosing a theme for your hat and for the hats of all the women in your group. They could all match or could all be characters from a movie, play, book, or anything really. It is even more fun if you can get the men involved to dress up as the male versions or characters.

Think about the possibilities and you will see how much fun you really can have with women’s Kentucky derby hats. You could all go as mobsters from the 1960s or as old western characters from the 1800s. You could even choose to go with Indian headdresses or something crazy like that.

There are so many possible hats and you could even just come up with your own. The bottom line is that if you choose a theme you can come up with something that nobody else will have, which is just fantastic. You can search online for some pictures from past years to get ideas of what others have done.

A Home Run for Women’s Kentucky Derby Hats You have Not Thought of Yet

One of the best ideas that you could come up with would be to have all the women in your group create a hat that has one of the race horses on it. You could all line up in your seats in the order of the starting gate with your hats on. This would be epic and would show just how cool you really can be with your hats.

Don’t be boring this year like most of the celebrities and famous people are. Step out of the ordinary and come up with something that will not only get you notices, but people will look at and think about how cool your hat or hats are. Have fun with the women’s Kentucky derby hats tradition and you will have a lifetime of memories and pictures.

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