Different Choices for Ladies Kentucky Derby Hats

When you decide you want to go to the derby you will have many choices that fit the tradition when it comes to ladies Kentucky derby hats. These are found in many different stores from small boutiques to large department stores. Some celebrities have even designed an entire line of ladies Kentucky derby hats.

You should know that there will be a hat on nearly every single woman’s head and there will be many crazy hats on display this year. Many celebrities show up looking very fashionable, but many others show up and their hats are homemade and designed to be very crazy, very large, and very loud.

The Different Styles of Ladies Kentucky Derby Hats

One of the more popular types of ladies Kentucky derby hats is the old style with the poofy dress. This is the traditional style that was worn back when the derby and was first run. There is nearly always a group of women that are dressed like they just stepped out of the 1800s. This could be you if you start planning now.

Another choice that has become very popular is the little black or little white dress with a matching hat. Typically the black dress will have a black hat with a white ribbon and the opposite will be the case for the white dress. This is more of the modern tradition in dress and hats for the derby.

You could also go with something very expensive looking that is made with rhinestones or real jewels. Many will show up with the newer style of glitter and glam that is catching on. This is a bit of a western look you will see at the derby and somewhat fitting for horse racing.

Of course, you cannot forget about those homemade hats that show up and are just crazy. One hat at the derby last year was nearly 5 feet wide and featured an actual horse race happening around it. Yes it actually was mechanical and the horses went around the hat. It had to be heavy to wear this hat.

Choosing the Style of Ladies Kentucky Derby Hats for You

There is a style of ladies Kentucky derby hats for every woman and it is just a matter of figuring out what is right for you. You can have a hat customized just for you or you can go with one you find in a store that you really love. There is just one real key to choosing the right hat.

When you choose a hat for such a huge day like the derby you want to make sure you choose a hat that fits your personality. If you feel comfortable wearing it, then you will be confident in your outfit and your hat. This is the best way to find one of the ladies Kentucky derby hats that works for you.

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