Getting the Best Kentucky Derby Hats

Kentucky Derby is one of the most awaited celebrations every year. The season starts in January as everyone who wishes to participate in this supposed to be horse racing event are planning on their attire and of course the popular Kentucky Derby hats. From January until the month of May, people are cramming on what to wear and how to find the best Kentucky Derby hat there is.

The event is not simply dressing up on available hats and ensembles. For some women, they consider this as the hottest and most popular fashion show wherein they showcase their fashion sense throughout the entire crowd of the game and the whole world as well as this is being featured on television.

Usually, the best Kentucky Derby hats make it to the screen and sometimes, those weird and crazy looking ones are also being featured. Perhaps, that’s the goal of some of the attendees of the Kentucky Derby.

The Best Kentucky Derby Hats for This Year

Wearing of hats during this race has been a long celebrated tradition for the citizens of Louisville. As a matter of fact, other people from all over the world visit the state just to have a share in this amazing day. Women parade through the hall and flaunt on their vibrant colors of their own versions of best Kentucky Derby hats that come with sophisticated or classic designs that matches with their clothes.

The hats come in different sizes and embellishments. Some are overly sized that people would never fail to notice it while some prefer the normally sized ones and just put efforts on the beautification through use of different adorable decorations. Best Kentucky Derby hats decorations oftentimes focus on flowers and feathers. This type of hat is known to bring out the Southern Belle from each woman wearing such. It radiates elegance all over the hat and the wearer as well.

Here are some tips to get hold of the best Kentucky Derby hats in town

Best Kentucky Derby Hats

1. Visit a stylist and seek for an advice on what is the possible design for the best Kentucky Derby hats for the year. Ask her to base it on you, your style and personality because wearing something that is not well suited for you will only give you discomfort throughout the event.

2. The best Kentucky Derby hats for women is something that will bring balance to your whole outfit and aura for that day. Therefore, you must try it on with your planned outfit. Have a full-length mirror to see the entire look of your complete outfit. Judge it according to your taste and level of comfort. The dress and hat are not necessarily color coordinated. In fact, style experts say that when you have a very overwhelming hat, you should go for a simple dress and vice versa.

3. Have a friend to accompany you while shopping. This is beneficial for you because she can most definitely give an accurate advice on how you look like with the different hats. Aside from that, if she’s your friend then she knows you inside out. Therefore, she can base her judgment whether or not the hat is suitable for your personality.

4. Assess your face shape. If you have a small face, then you must not wear oversized hats. Otherwise, it will swamp your face. On the other hand, if you have round face, you can go for deeper crown to make you appear taller. And for those who have long thin face, you must have a bigger brim.

5. Think of your hat as an investment. That way, you’ll get to choose the best Kentucky Derby hat that is creatively made and reasonably priced. Wear your chosen hat with confidence and feel fabulous as you walk the way through the race.

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